Models that are certified through AHAM's program have been tested and their performance verified by an independent laboratory, assuring consumers that the product will perform according to the manufacturer's product claims for BTU's per hour, amps and efficiency volts delivered.

AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) tests and certifies home appliances such as room air conditioners, dehumidifiers and room air cleaners. Since 1967, we've used independent labs to test products, and then provide certified manufacturers with Seal to be used on product packaging. This makes certified products easier to recognize.

Manufacturers voluntarily participate in the AHAM certification program. AHAM uses an independent lab and a standardized test known as the AHAM/ANSI RAC-1, to test the actual cooling capacity of the unit. Products that are tested may then use an AHAM seal and be listed in our product directory.

We update our list of certified units and manufacturers continually in our searchable directory. Or, you may choose to download a PDF by clicking here. The directory and the web site lists all of the manufacturers that have has their products tested and bear the AHAM-Certified Seal.